For a one-day advertising industry event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, EMC wanted to have a fun and exciting solution to engage the attendees throughout the day, while they were traveling on the bus throughout the city, during their coffee and meal breaks, and the main dinner entertainment event.


The plan was to run a day-long SpinZone Trivia promotion, specially designed for EMC’s attendees to be playable on any mobile or laptop device throughout the city of Minneapolis. Attendees would be able to play EMC’s trivia game with hundreds of industry-related questions for a chance to win various kinds of prizes, from Starbucks gift cards to Amazon Echo smart speakers and Snap Spectacles.


Contest Factory implemented and delivered to EMC a customized SpinZone Trivia promotion system based on design assets provided by EMC. During the EMC event, attendees registered on the SpinZone Trivia site and answered as many trivia questions as they wanted from EMC’s 300 question database. For every ten questions answered correctly, attendees would receive one play on the SpinZone Trivia Instant Win Game.


The SpinZone Trivia promotion was a great success for EMC. Thanks to Contest Factory, EMC had a successful event with practically all its attendees playing the SpinZone Trivia game throughout the event.