Hyatt was attending the Signature Travel Network Trade Show, and it wanted to have a fun way to draw more attendees to its trade show booth, gather email leads and expand Hyatt’s brand awareness for its latest resorts on social media.


The plan was to run an Instant Win Game (IWG) promotion during the trade show floor hours. Attendees who visited Hyatt’s booth would be asked to provide their contact information. Once that was done, attendees would be able to play the IWG game at Hyatt’s booth for a chance to win a range of great prizes such as iPads, Apple Watches, and Hyatt Resort certificates.


Contest Factory designed and implemented the IWG promotion for Hyatt using Contest Factory’s SpinZone Trade Show Edition platform. Contest Factory provided Hyatt with a SpinZone IWG site they could access on their laptop and display on the big TV screens at its booth. At Hyatt’s booth, attendees registered with Hyatt staff and were given a chance to spin the slots in Hyatt’s SpinZone game using USB detonator buttons provided by Contest Factory.


The SpinZone IWG promotion was an astounding success for Hyatt. Hyatt experienced so much activity at its booth that its representatives had two lines of attendees stretching across the show floor eagerly wanting to play Hyatt’s SpinZone IWG. Hyatt were delighted at their results from the event and has come back several times to work with Contest Factory on its campaigns.

A major thank you as the SpinZone® Trade Show game was a huge success for Hyatt. We had two lines pouring outside of our pavilion as everyone wanted a chance to SPIN; the energy was high and incredible... Thank you again!

Nicole VaziriGlobal Sales Director, Hyatt