20 New Gamification Promotion Products

Contest Factory has incorporated gamification in its latest set of products that use psychological triggers tied to specific marketing objectives.


Contest Factory is proud to announce 20 new and improved gamification products. These products, combined with Contest Factory’s large menu of professional services, are designed to make a marketer’s job easier by providing an extensive tool set to leverage and deliver legally compliant and viral marketing campaigns that bring buzz, excitement, and extreme engagement.

Each product has been skillfully designed to incorporate gamification that uses psychological triggers tied to specific marketing objectives. You can find out more about our products with our interactive product finder, and learn about our professional services and case studies on our newly redesigned website.

Our large selection of gamification products includes Sweepstakes, Instant Win Games, UGC and Bracket Contests, #Hashtag Promotions, Trade Show games for increasing booth traffic, Contest Engine for brands that run many simultaneous contests, Native Mobile Apps, Consumer/Employee Loyalty products, gamified Training Platforms, and more. All our gamification products are tied to specific marketing objectives to help marketers find the right products to best accomplish their goals. Click any of the links below to see which products make the perfect fit for your desired objectives.

Lead Generation & Brand Awareness
Lead Generation & Brand Engagement
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Customer Testimonials & Free Content
Live Events
Contests & Auditions
Gamified Consumer & Corporate Education
Consumer/Employee Loyalty & Retention
Enterprise Platforms & APIs

“We’re very excited about launching our new products into the market. With over 18 years of developing buzz-worthy and patent-protected UGC Contests, Sweepstakes, and Instant Win Games for all-size brands and agencies including some of the largest brands in the world, we incorporated all of this experience with gamification research to deliver extremely successful marketing campaigns,” said Founder and Chief Promotion Strategist, Dr. Iman Foroutan.

About Contest Factory

Contest Factory has been delivering engaging, viral, and technologically advanced online marketing solutions and related services for over 18 years. Contest Factory holds multiple US patents protecting its array of UGC gamification products, and by continuous innovation and exceptional customer service continues to be the trusted marketing partner to small and large brands and agencies.

Trade show marketing

Contest Factory’s SpinZone® Trade Show Edition is Designed to Give Marketers a Bold New Opportunity to be the “Talk of the Show” with Prospects Overflowing out of their Booth

Tustin, CA., February 13, 2018 – Contest Factory is proud to announce the release of SpinZone Trade Show Edition. This makes SpinZone Trade Show Edition available not only to marketers but also trade show logistics organizations and venues to offer as a product/service for resale. At its core, SpinZone Trade Show Edition was designed to give marketers a highly engaging platform utilizing gamification tactics to attract prospects to their booth for lead generation. This tool not only attracts prospects but creates a word-of-mouth buzz on the trade show floor, making it a must-see attraction.

SpinZone Trade Show Edition’s animated interface can be displayed on a big-screen TV, laptops, iPad or even mobile phones. When displayed on a big-screen TV, booth visitors use a hand-held USB detonator to spin and win. All design elements are entirely customizable to your brand imagery. A typical process is that booth visitors have their trade show badges scanned for a chance to spin and potentially win. Another scenario would be for the booth staff to get visitors’ business cards before the visitors can walk to the SpinZone game and play. To see the game in action, go here:

Initial product reviews are resoundingly popular with large numbers of qualified leads being obtained from SpinZone Trade Show Edition campaigns.

“A major thank you as the SpinZone Trade Show game was a major success for Hyatt. We had two lines pouring outside our pavilion as everyone wanted a chance to SPIN, the energy was high and incredible…Thank you again!” – Nicole Vaziri, Global Sales Director, Hyatt

“PeopleReady partnered with Contest Factory and utilized their SpinZone attendee engagement tool to help generate brand awareness/booth traffic at the largest Power Generation Trade Show in the world. Over the 3-day-event, 700+ people played our Vespa sweepstakes game, and 100+ people crowded our booth for the grand prize announcement. About 30% of visitors were pre-qualified as leads requiring immediate follow-up from sales. We are expecting at least a 10x first year ROI from the event. Special thanks to the entire Contest Factory team.” – Ron Rice, Director of Marketing, People Ready

SpinZone Trade Show Edition is set to hit trade shows globally in 2018. Whether you resell trade show services or are a trade show marketing and event planner, we have the platform to engage your audience and deliver more qualified leads.