Corporate Training Platform

Need a bit of pizazz to get your employees excited about learning?Looking for ways to incentivize retailer sales staff to learn more about your product features and increase sales?Look no further – gamification to the rescue!

Corporate Training Platform Features

Whether you are looking to increase the ROI on your internal employee or retailer staff training who sell your products, Contest Factory can help make training interactive, engaging, and fun! Let Contest Factory help you host and showcase all of your company’s brands, products, manufacturers, retailers, and franchises inside one platform, securely hosted in and accessible from the cloud. Centralize all your training videos, PDF files, Powerpoints, and other materials of all different formats in one easy-to-access, secure website for all your employees and/or retailer sales staff. Use proven gamification tactics such as quizzes and instant win games as part of your training strategies and watch your employees get up to speed faster and retain more of the training material. Access real-time tracking of employee activity on your training site to gauge participation and the effectiveness of your training materials. This product can be integrated with Trivia, Instant Wine Game or Sweepstakes. Available as White Label.

Included features:

  • Full Training Site Management
  • Supports Unlimited Number of Brands, Retailers, Product Types, Products, Manufacturers, Employees and more
  • Smart Filters to Display Relevant Training Material to Users Based on the Specific Department or Retailer.
  • Dashboard to Manage Training Assets, New Product Info, User Accounts
  • Options to Add Trivia, Instant Win game or Sweepstakes Module
  • Multimedia Asset Support
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Publish as Microsite, Inside iFrame, or Facebook Page App
  • Easy Registration Options: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Email Validation for Entrants
  • Human Registration Verification Using Recaptcha
  • Two-Factor Text Message Authentication for Secure Registration
  • Real-Time Reporting of User Performances and Training Results
  • Prize Fulfillment
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Export CSVs
  • White Label
  • Multilayer Fraud Detection
  • Secure Socket Layer Servers
  • 24/7 Hosting & Maintenance

Client Testimonials

We have worked with Contest Factory for over 4 years, and they have always been light years ahead of any other contest provider in terms of innovation, cost and service. They understand viral marketing, user-generated content and how to fuse the best of online and offline worlds better than anyone. I recommend them very highly indeed.

Derek HewittSenior Vice President of Marketing, TracFone Wireless Inc.

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Corporate training is a complex subject facing HR departments and managers alike. Understanding variable reward as we do, we know adding gamification to your employee training makes the learning environment engaging thereby increasing memory and transfer or learning to your production environment. Rewarding employees for right answers makes training something they look forward to excelling in and bragging about their excellence. Leaderboards often enhance performance as well and are optional in our Corporate Training Platform. Learn more now, contact us today.